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president's message

Letter From the President

My sincerest hello and greetings from the Propeller Club of Los Angeles/Long Beach. I am incredibly privileged to serve as your Club’s President in 2022 in the nation’s largest maritime complex. I follow in the footsteps of a long line of competent and brilliant leaders who have guided the LA/LB Propeller Club for over 82 years. The Club’s Board of Governors are some of the brightest people I know, and I am humbled to be among them. The Propeller Club is one of the oldest and most respected international maritime organizations encompassing over 80 individual member clubs, 30 in foreign cities.

That said, we are in unprecedented times dealing with the Covid Pandemic. We all understand the importance the ports play in the nation’s success. Labor and management came together and worked the docks during the darkest times of the pandemic, keeping our grocery store shelves full. Our Club has continued to provide meaningful educational programs and networking opportunities throughout the past few years of the pandemic. This year we plan to reinstate one of our main events, the Propeller Club/ILWU Seafood Feast. The event is a tradition in our Club that brings all facets of the Complex together to break bread. We forget any differences some may have and acknowledge our commitment to and the importance of the cargo movement that keeps this great nation strong. We raise funds for local high school scholarships, the Seafarer’s Center, and ILWU members’ high school students. I strongly encourage you to watch for notifications to sponsor and attend this fantastic event this year.

There may be a question from some as to why we are called the “Propeller Club.” The name denotes a ship’s propulsion system that moves the world’s commerce, making our lives possible. The maritime industry integrates ocean carriers, terminals, motor carriers, rail carriers, intermodal equipment providers, warehousing, logistics service providers, cargo owners, government, and labor to move products worldwide as efficiently as possible. The San Pedro Bay port complex carries the nation’s cargo, accounting for 40% of the imports and 25% of our exports. It provides 190,000 local jobs (one in twelve), one million in the region, and three million nationwide; nearly $2 billion worth of cargo crosses over our docks each day. I have said for years that transportation mimics water; it continually follows the path of least resistance. For decades the San Pedro Bay Complex has been an example of my water statement, how important we are to the nation, and why we collectively moved over twenty million TEUs (containers) in 2021, a national record by millions.

On behalf of the Propeller Club of LA/LB Board of Governors, we wish you all a safe, joyous, and healthy year. We serve the port complex with honor, and we invite you to join us as a member, sponsor, mentor, and attendee at our upcoming events; click the events tab above to see what is next. Our programs are of the highest caliber, with the leaders of the national cargo network. We already have an exciting year of sessions and events planned to enlighten you. The Propeller Club of LA/LB continues to be the association that brings us together as a Club that bridges the maritime industry as one cohesive unit. We will not disappoint you, and we look forward to our future discussions with you all. My best to you all,

David Thornburg
President, Board of Governors
ropeller Club of Los Angeles/Long Beach 2022

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