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The Propeller Club of Los Angeles-Long Beach is offering scholarships ranging from $250 to $1,000 to graduating high school seniors. In 2019, the Board of Governors established two additional scholarships in memory of David Arian and Adam Birkenbach awarding $1,000 each.


This scholarship is open to high school seniors currently attending schools located in the cities of Long Beach, Lakewood, San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City or Carson and demonstrating deserving academic records, outstanding citizenship and school and community service.


Please provide two letters of reference; one from a teacher or counselor and one from an adult who is familiar with your schoolwork and activities that should be considered in reviewing eligibility for scholarships. Do not include relatives or fellow students. The letter of reference does not have to be specific to this scholarship.

the 2024 scholarship application is NOW OPEN! CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION. 
Deadline to submit your application is Friday, JUNE 14, 2024, AT 5:00 PM.

Application Process

The application must be completed in full. In addition, the following questions shall be answered on a separate sheet:

  1. Attach a 500 word, typed essay answering ONE of the following questions below (A or B):
        A. The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the largest cargo gateway in the U.S., responsible for moving nearly 40% of the country’s cargo.  What do you consider the most important issues for our local ports to consider as they continue to grow, and provide this vital service to our region and our country?  (Feel free to address environmental considerations including green technologies,  economic growth/jobs, traffic/congestion,  community impacts, etc.)
        B. Tell us about a social issue that you are passionate about and any ideas you have for helping solve problems related to it, i.e., the environment, politics, homelessness, poverty, education, etc.
  2. Please list your most important school activities, community service and work experience. If you prefer to provide a resume, you are welcome to do so.
  3. Please attach a copy of your unofficial high school transcripts to support your reported GPA.
  4. Are there any other factors the Selection Committee should consider (i.e., family ties to the maritime industry, first generation college student, special circumstances, etc.)?

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Sue Dvonch
Committee member: Daniella Ruiz
Committee member: Jaime Avina


Satyamuny Weir
Giovanna Babarovic, David Arian Scholarship Award Winner

"I will be attending UC Santa Cruz, majoring in Art and Design. I am a first generation college student and the oldest of 4 siblings. As such, this scholarship will help me in multiple ways. It will help take off some of the costs of my college, but also show my family that it’s possible to get support to go to college. Scholarships are integral to so many peoples college experiences, and I’m so thankful to get the opportunity to be a part of this scholarship. On top of that it makes me proud that I am able to honor the legacy of my family who have worked with the ILWU for generations."

Nailah Robinson
Nicholas Jones, Adam Birkenbach Scholarship Award Winner



"Currently I am attending the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. I plan to major in computer science and/or cyber operations. I look forward to using all the knowledge and skills I learn at the Academy to help me serve my country. I’m very grateful to the Propeller Club of LA/LB for award for this scholarship which will help me to achieve my goals."

Liam Alpern
Sydney Chaikittirattana, Scholarship Award Winner


"I am so grateful to be a recipient of the 2023 Propeller Club LA/LB Scholarship. The Propeller Club's generosity will help me pursue a higher education at UC Berkeley this fall in the College of Letters and Science as a pre-business major. At Berkeley I will be learning about the business industry and business practices in the fashion industry. I hope to join the Berkeley Women in Business Program and apply to Haas during my sophomore year. I am so excited for all the new and exciting opportunities that I will have at UC Berkeley thanks to the Propeller Club Scholarship."

Pedro DeLa Torre, Scholarship Award Winner

"Starting this fall, I will be attending Stanford University where I plan to study Human Biology and English literature. My background as a first-generation college student who was raised in a low-income, single-parent household has made the decision to attend college difficult, considering the financial burden that comes with attending a private institution like Stanford. However, it is with the utmost appreciation that I receive the LA/LB Propeller Club scholarship award–it makes attending Stanford possible. My plans, beyond coursework, include becoming a member of the Latino Medical Student Association, the Comunidad for Health Equity organization, and also the Club Swim team. I appreciate the positive impact that this award has on me: it provides me with a sense of financial stability and eases the financial burden placed upon my family. The consequent time and energy that I can now focus on my studies is a privilege that I recognize especially as an aspiring physician."


Valerie Torres, Scholarship Award Winner


"I will be attending El Camino Community College this fall semester and I will be majoring in Psychology. I have had 2 ACL tears for soccer within this last year as well at 2 surgeries. This has helped me want to major in psychology even more. I hope to eventually get a masters degree as well in sports therapy to pursue a career in Sports Psychology to help others get through tough time just as I have. I will also be continuing my soccer career this coming up year in hopes to keep playing. This scholarship helps me continue with my dreams and surround my self in a motivational environment!"

Laura Viera, Scholarship Award Winner

"As an immigrant from Colombia, it has been difficult for my family and I to adjust to life in America and all the hard work involved to capture a glimpse of success. There have been times where college didn't seem like a realistic goal because of financial struggles, as well as being a first generation college student. However, becoming a recipient of the 2023 Propeller Club Los Angeles/Long Beach Scholarship has helped me break down those barriers that come my way, and it pushes me forward to continue my dream of becoming a Civil Engineer. I will be attending the number one public university for my major, UC Berkeley, in hopes of giving back to low income communities and providing adequate infrastructure. I will be forever thankful for this scholarship committee for believing in me and proving me the financial support to continue my dreams."

Bella Zapata, Scholarship Award Winner

"This fall, I will attend the University of Notre Dame with a major in Mechanical Engineering. I aspire to research and produce neuroprosthetics, which are medical devices that connect a patient’s central nervous system to a prosthetic limb. During my time at university, I plan on joining clubs, performing research, and studying abroad. With the support of the Propeller Club’s LA/LB scholarship, I will be able to immerse myself in my studies. I am thankful to the scholarship committee for selecting me to be one of the recipients and for providing me with support to achieve my dreams."



Past Scholarship Recipients


Hebah Halibi
David Arian Scholarship Award Winner

Daniel Torok
Adam Birkenbach Scholarship Award Winner

Alegria Carr
Scholarship Award Winner

Isabella Del Gaudio
Scholarship Award Winner

Rachel Perry
Scholarship Award Winner

Odalys Zapata
Scholarship Award Winner


Satyamuny Weir
Adam Birkenbach Scholarship Winner

Nailah Robinson
David Arian Scholarship Winner

Liam Allpern
Scholarship Winner

Stefanny Cachia
Scholarship Winner

Mia DiConstanzo
Scholarship Winner

2020 Winners

Ronald Wicks
Dr. Richard A Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy
Adam Birkenbach Scholarship of $1,000

Thessa Malauulu
St. Anthony High School
David Arian Scholarship of $1,000

Clark Boyce
Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Laura Yontz
Long Beach Polytechnic High School

2018 Winners

Ethan Horvath
Millikan High School (Thank You Letter)

Francis DeGuzman
Cabrillo High School

Joy Rowden
California State University, Long Beach

Timothy Oloimooja
Port of Los Angeles High School

2019 Winners

Itohan Ero
CA Academy of Math/Science
Adam Birkenbach Scholarship of $1,000

Evelyn Zandejas
Commissioner David Arian Scholarship of $1,000

Gerard Legaspi
SATO Academy

Kendall Dimson

2017 Winners

Hunter Bjazevich
Mary Star of the Sea High School

Guadalupe Del Cid
Port of Los Angeles High School

Arturo Hernandez
Phineas Banning High School

Daisy Loera
Banning Academies of Creative and Innovative Sciences High School

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