Annual Seafood Feast


The Seafood Feast is an annual fundraiser for the ILWU/Propeller Club Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Fund was established to honor the memory of longshore workers who have lost their lives working on the waterfront and to assist local high school seniors entering college.

Recent Scholarship Winners


In an effort to work together to solve common problems for the betterment of the maritime industry, the International Longshore & Warehouse Union and the Propeller Club annually sponsor a Seafood Feast. 600 members of the maritime community attend the event. Proceeds from this event go to the ILWU / PC Memorial Scholarship Fund.

2019 Scholarship Winners

Itohan Ero, CA Academy of Math/Science – Adam Birkenbach Scholarship of $1,000

Evelyn Zandejas, POLA HS – Commissioner David Arian Scholarship of $1,000

Gerard Legaspi, SATO Academy

Kendall Dimson, POLA HS

Letters from Past Recipients


Dear Propeller Club of Los Angeles-Long Beach,

Last spring I received a generous scholarship from your organization which greatly contributed to my highly successful first year of college at California State University Maritime Academy. I am extremely grateful for your scholarship because it relieved some financial burdens that come along with education and allowed me to excel academically and participate in extracurricular activities. My first semester in college went great, I took 18 units of challenging curriculum, joined the women’s crew team that practices every afternoon and sometimes at 5 am before classes, and finished with a 3.6 GPA. I am currently in the Edwards Leadership Honors Program at Cal Maritime and attended a retreat in October on leadership that has helped me develop my own skills and become a leader on campus.

In addition to attending classes I learned to stand watches at all hours of the night on the training ship Golden Bear and then go to class or take exams the next morning on very little sleep, making me learn responsibility and time management. This is all part of being a mariner and I could not be happier with my major choice even though I am only one of thirteen females in the Marine Transportation freshman class of eighty at Cal Maritime. I am currently living on the Training Ship Golden Bear and helping to ready the ship and get it seaworthy for an upcoming training cruise. I am eagerly anticipating going out to sea this April where the ship will be heading to El Salvador, Hawaii, Seattle, and then down the west coast returning to Vallejo.

Any support your organization can provide for my mandatory cruise during the summer or upcoming fall term would be greatly appreciated and go to great use, but the gratuity you have already given has been more than enough and greatly appreciated. I attached some pictures that were taken throughout my first semester at Cal Maritime that you may share and I hope you enjoy!

Best Regards,

Katherine Kronheim
4 Class Cadet
Marine Transportation 2020
Cal Maritime